Create your Perfect Bespoke Holiday

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The internet has helped millions of people to break away from the customary package deals – two weeks on a beach in Ibiza is no longer enough for most of us! Adventurous, technologically savvy young couples and families turn to a variety of websites to create their own bespoke holidays, from accommodation to transport and tours.

It began with websites such as ‘Expedia’, who offered access to flights and hotels separately, allowing customers to book their perfect holiday. Backpackers and young people on GAP years have always travelled this way, so it was only a matter of time before it became the norm for everyone!

Travelling on a Budget

The internet allows us to get anything made – from tailor-made clothing to bespoke furniture and now holidays. Nowadays, there are literally hundreds of websites where you can look for flights and accommodation. Options such as couchsurfing, where you stay on a local’s sofa for a few nights, and carpooling, where a car journey is shared between several strangers to reduce costs, have become popular, particularly amongst the 18-35 set. Budget holidays are now easier to find than ever before.

You can book your interrailing ticket on one website, a few nights in a local self catering apartment on another, and a cultural tour of the city on another site, all in just a few clicks. With review sites offering honest (and sometimes scathing!) reviews from other travellers, it’s easy to spend hours researching hotels and accommodation before booking, and  ensure you don’t end up staying in a cockroach infested pit in the red light district.

Luxury Far Flung Retreats

Luxury holidays, whether to celebrate a special occasion, wedding or anniversary, or just for an exotic break, are available through many travel providers, who offer the option to customise your holiday to suit your needs. You can choose from a range of tours and accommodation, depending on your taste and budget, whether you want to island hop in the Caribbean or soak up the culture in Cuba.

Every aspect of your holiday can be tailor-made to suit your requirements, from the level of board provided (beach lovers often pick all inclusive so they rarely have to leave the resort), to tours, choice of accommodation and duration of holiday. For those who don’t like to book online, most travel agents offer these deals to their customers, so you can sit and chat with a travel expert about the exact sort of holiday you are looking for.

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