Foods to Avoid on Holiday

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When you’re on holiday, you want to take in a new location in its entirety, and this usually includes the sights, sounds and the flavours. However, if you’re not careful, you could also end up consuming illness-causing foods that bring your dream holiday to a screeching halt. Learn how to avoid the need for a holiday illness claim by making sure that you steer clear of these foods and stay healthy as you travel.

Water. This may be the only instance in which drinking a canned or bottled beverage is better for you than reaching for an ice-cold glass of water. There could be all kinds of fierce bacteria and other pathogens swimming around in local water if you go to a far away locale, so make sure to bring along your own bottled water to beat your thirst. Most tourists don’t find this challenging until they remember (hopefully) that ice is made from the same tap water you shouldn’t be consuming. That means no blended pina coladas for you!

Uncooked produce. Again, fruits and veggies are normally a great addition to your diet, but it’s best to steer clear of salads and fruits in foreign places. This is because they are not only cultivated with the same water you shouldn’t drink, but they have also been washed with it. If you’re really craving some great produce, just make sure you order it in a cooked dish when you dine out.

Street food. We’ve all watched those episodes of No Reservations in which Tony Bourdain expertly navigates his way through street vendors in some culinary treasure trove of Asia or South America. But unlike television, you won’t be able to skip the part where you get severely ill from eating those cool-looking street snacks. Food left out in the open has the potential to become a landing strip for flies carrying particles of feces and bacteria. And if you’re somewhere where the temperature is sweltering, that food is only good for about an hour of exposure. If you like to gamble, head to the casino because eating in these unsanitary conditions is not a risk worth taking.

Unpasteurised dairy products. You may not think twice about the cheese or milk you consume normally because in the UK, milk and products made from milk are pasteurised to kill any bacteria that may be lurking within. However, this is not standard practice for some countries. Consuming fresh cow’s milk may make you feel closer to the land that you’re visiting, but it can also cause cramping, diarrhea and vomiting. If you’re not game to navigate for holiday which could result in a claimit may be better just to skip the fresh dairy products altogether.

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