Not so frugal Fuerteventura

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We’ve just spent the week in our usual christmas haunt in Costa Caleta, in northern Fuerteventura but it may be our last year in doing so.  Not that there was anything wrong with the place… or in fact the people – everything was just the way we know and love – except for one thing… the cost of the holiday.

In these hard economic times you would think that everything would be more geared to enticing and encouraging people to try squeeze in a holiday.  Unfortunately, in reality that just isn’t the case.  We ended up paying around 15% more this year for our same like-for-like holiday compared to last year – I only wish my wages had done the same to compensate!  I was told by the travel agents that it was owing to the collapse of major tour operators like XL… They said whilst the demand for holidays had remained similar to before the collapses, the supply (capacity of flight seats etc) had understandably fallen because of there being less tour operators supplying the flights and holidays, thus creating an environment for higher prices.  Not a lot of good to me I thought.

With not only this to contend with, we also had to take the brunt of the pound’s demise against the euro this year, more so than any other previous year we’ve been.  We were getting not much more than a euro to the pound this year, approximately a third less for our money than this time last year.  Ever since they switched from the pesata to the euro its been a steady, yet just about manageable downturn – yet this year it was unbearable.  Not only is it making the place unaffordable to us, but you have to feel sorry for the bar and restaurant owners etc also who can’t control the economic climate and who are starting to struggle more and more to survive as they start to lose their British custom.  All in all its become an expensive do all round for everyone concerned in Fuerteventura – maybe next year we’ll have to begrudgingly consider chasing the sun elsewhere…

By Brian Montfort.

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