The Perfect Morocco Holiday

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The cool ocean water roars in the distance, its voice a calm reassuring presence in a room that is scented with the aromatic spices of an expertly crafted dinner. The red character of the Tangerine stares back, as its flavor engulfs all in the room. With a sun baked grin, Morocco offers a smile in the form of a warm breeze that slowly sweeps across the North African nation. The scent is now perfume as the Tangerine has been expertly blended with an array of local spices, each owing its use to a history that is as flavorsome as the curry. The culinary presence combined with a natural beauty is satisfying – Morocco has, yet again, enticed its visitors with its warm and charismatic charm.

Authentic Morocco Tours

Upon landing in Morocco, one’s senses are immediately alerted to the richness of the culture. It is distinct, unique, and enticing. – a novelty that begs to be explored. Thus, we welcome you with an authentic Moroccan presence and guide you safely to your hotel of choice. With an array of 5-star accommodation choices at our disposal, rest assured that we will aid you in choosing a hotel that is both suitable and authentic in nature. With views that capture the imagination and a luxurious setting, the first night is perfect for post-flight recovery. Sleep well knowing that we have planned a tour of the nation that gives insight and experience into the Moroccan way of life.

Explore the Capital

Our itinerary immediately shifts to the capital of the nation: Rabat. Start the tour of this integral city with the exploration of Kasbah of the Udayas. Placed strategically on a hill, the Kasbah is a fort that overlooks the Atlantic Ocean. From such a vantage point, only the most spectacular views are derived. Get a bird’s eye view of the center piece of a diverse and intriguing nation.

For those with a natural affinity towards animals, we propose an optional camel ride. Alongside this, find out what life is like from the inside of a Berber Tent – local and authentic.

Dive into Famed Religious Centers

Allow yourself to be romanced by the sights, sounds, and tastes of Fes. As the religious capital of the nation, Fes is the perfect location to gain a greater depth of understanding into the heartbeat of the Moroccan lifestyle. Explore the palatial grounds, as Fer hosts the largest Royal property the nation has to offer. Even if it is just the entrance, the romance of its walls and the air of importance is sufficient to capture the hearts of all who visit. Any trip to Fes would be amiss without a visit to its ski resort. Famed for its high altitude, European conditions and architecture, the Middle Atlas region is a must for any itinerary.

Continue the Magic

Continue the journey with the enchanting golden sands of Merzouga. Its sands hug the beauty that is the oasis Tinghir. A blossom in the desert, Tinghir is a wonder that is best served with warm sunrises and a cheerful heart. With Ouarzazate as the next stop, a location that has seen multiple desert film scenes, our tour extends to the visit of powerful fortresses and architecture that is Jewish in history.
Walk through the shoes of authentic Moroccans in the visits of Casablanca and Marrakech. With local cuisine wares and an array of heritage filled sites, they form the perfect medium to end an eventful journey through the proud nation of Morocco. See mosques, the tombs of the kings, and so much more.

Tempting Tours: years of experience and a wealth of satisfied customers. For a Moroccan multi-center holiday 2019, look no further than our expertly crafted itinerary. We are a multi-center agency with a profound presence in Morocco, relationships which we use to give you the best Moroccan experience possible.

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