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I went to San Francisco for a week with my sister last month and I could have stayed so much longer! Compared to the mega resorts such as New York City and Las Vegas, San Francisco is often outshone. But I couldn’t cram in all the tourist things in the whole week I was there. I was so tired when I came home trying to fit everything in that I could have done with another holiday to relax!!!

We started our first day at Fishermans Wharf and there are loads to do here. We went round some of the tourist’s parts but by far my favourite part was the food! The seafood restaurants are as you would expect and totally out of this world. I have never tasted seafood like it! The portion sizes in America are large by British standards and I mostly couldn’t finish a meal the whole time I was in San Francisco but here I did. It was very fresh and mouth watering!

We visited Pier 39 on about our 3rd day in and could have returned every day for the rest of the holiday! There are tonnes to do here and loads of tourist shops. They are more expensive than else where but only as you would expect. There is an aquarium in this area which is great for families and everyone will love seeing the seals that rest on wooden platforms in the sea. Be warned though, they do smell!!!

Union Square is a shopper heaven and I shopped till I dropped! It was like they were giving the clothes away! A frantic race to buy as much as I could carry led me to a beautiful designer belt at a fraction of the cost of buying one in the UK! Macy’s and Bloomingdales are the big names here but there are smaller boutiques and shops to suit every purse string!

Cable cars start at Union Square and end at Fishermans Wharf. They are good value for money and are an absolute must even for the fittest person! I can only liken some of the streets in San Francisco to walking up the stairs without stairs! They are steep and they slope! Cable cars are the only way to get around unless you are some hard core athlete!!

Chinatown is exactly what it says on the tin but unlike other parts of the world with the same name Chinatown in San Francisco has the highest population of Chinese people outside China!!! Authentic foods and fully alive it is well worth taking time out your holiday to visit this area!

Castro district is a famous gay hangout and a night out here is sure to keep you dancing till the next day. We didn’t party hard because we didn’t want to be rough the next day and miss out but we did head here for a few cheeky sociables. We really liked The Haight which is a hippy area of town. The shopping is good and there is a wicked fair here for bargain hunters. This comes highly recommended from both me and my sister who have totally different tastes!

The Golden Gate Bridge is a classic and is just as awesome in the flesh as it is in pictures and on TV. There is a café and souvenir shops but you are quite limited here. The highlight of my trip by far was Alcatraz. This place is both amazing and chilling! The history and the landscape and the remoteness of the whole area is just unreal. It sent the hairs on the back of my neck on end! It was absolutely crazy to think we were in the same place that once held world infamous gangsters such as Al Capone. There is an audio guide that takes you through the whole prison and it is really interesting. I’ve been on other guided tours and normally I feel like herded cattle but this was really personal and so so so interesting.

Whale watching is meant to be really good here and there are plenty of companies offering to take you at competitive rates. I didn’t do this because during the Autumn San Francisco coast see’s the largest number of great white sharks migrating here than anywhere else. And I am terrified of sharks. But other people who went whale watching said it was amazing!

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